Ben Rhodes Attacks Trump To Obscure Obama’s Complicity In Iran’s Forever War


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Peevish Obama national security official Ben Rhodes of “we can tell journalists anything and they’ll believe it” fame recently published an editorial in The Atlantic ripping the president’s recent dealings with Iran. Rhodes’ ripostes flow from the president’s game-changing retaliatory strike on the Obama administration partner — and leading terrorist of the leading terror force of the world’s leading terror regime — Qassem Soleimani.


Do they acknowledge, as then-Secretary of State John Kerry did, that U.S. dollars would fund Iran-backed jihadists? Do they believe Iran’s arming of proxies from Lebanon, to Gaza, to Yemen, and working to consolidate its Shiite Crescent represented peaceful endeavors? Do they ascribe no culpability to Iran for the Syrian civil war in which hundreds of thousands were slaughtered? Do they think Iran’s proxies ceased their illicit activities in Latin America and on American soil? Do they have amnesia over images of American sailors the Iranian navy captured and forced to their knees?

Leftists know well the weakness of this argument because the Obama administration bent over backwards for, aided, abetted, enabled, and invited still more of Iran’s hostile activities in the run-up to the deal and following its execution. If Iran were engaging in less open hostility toward America before it vacated the JCPOA, it is only because Iran was capitalizing on the window of opportunity the Obama administration opened for it to prepare for or avoid future battles.

The JCPOA was one stage of Iran’s forever war against America, of which we have been a victim since 1979. It enabled the regime to recapitalize, rearm, and resume its exportation of Islamic revolution with the West’s imprimatur. The Trump administration has merely shattered the illusion of peace leftists saw in Iran’s march. Iran is striking out today with Obama administration funding because the United States halted it. Tehran’s apparent face-saving response to the strike on Soleimani demonstrated Iran is acting from a position of weakness.


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I love the part that says Obama bent over backwards.
He bent over forward and let the US take it in the rear a lot too.

As for John Kerry, that Benedict Arnold POS needs to be sent to Gitmo with his terrorist pals.