Biden Claims “Erectionists” Stormed The Capitol


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GREG GUTFELD: White House staffers correcting Biden's speech might be a sign he is 'done'

All right, so the Democratic candidate for the most powerful position on earth gave a speech last night to the NAACP where he couldn't say the name of the organization. In fairness to him, it is a whole five letters. But there he committed no less than nine errors that were later corrected by White House staffers, nine errors in a single speech.

What the hell? So among Biden's gaffes was the claim that the NAAC spirit endures, not the NAACP, maybe he's afraid if he says P he'll actually do it. The NAAC is actually the National Academy of Ambulance Compliance, a number that I'm sure Jill has on her speed dial. Biden also claimed to have been VP during the pandemic. Joe, you missed it by about four years. And how could you do that and still pretend you were a professor and a truck driver? Has he bragged about winning an Oscar for Barbie yet? And he said he saved families $800,000 a year each in insurance premiums. If you do the math, he was off only by about $800,000. And then there was this one where he called the January 6th rioters erectionists.

PRESIDENT BIDEN, SUNDAY: False. The erectionists as who stormed Capitol Hill patriots.

Erectionists. Maybe he was thinking of his son. Remember, fellas, if you're an erectionist for more than four hours, contact your doctor. Wasn't just there that Joe was a mess? Here he is on Tuesday during a different speech.