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This is my audition bi-line to become a honkey sportscaster:

The latest in Warshington Sports:

The baseball team from Warshington grabbed defeat from the jaws of success last night in a triumphant late inning blundering loss to the Atlanta Braves, 8-4.

(insert personal observation with fiery protest): Man, that ain't right! Once proud, native Americans, (hell it ain't even america back then), cherished the land, not using fossil fuels and not dumping nuclear waste in their pristine waterways before the syphillistic western Europeans stole their sacred lands and taught them evil RELIGION!!! Now, reduced to a white supremacist baseball team?? Hell, they aint even nothin but a buncha hispanic refugees!!

(back to sports)

Warshington, recently cut its payroll by selling their best players for like $17.75 each, proceeds to benefit the Joe Biden Libarry and massage parlor.

The starting line up for the Nats now include Ortega Rivera Enchelada, picked up in a trade with certain cartels in Central America for 28 AR-15's .

Warshington hopes to clench 5th place in the NL East by the 15th.


Waddya think?? WJLA, NBC 4???