Big shout out to Mark's Lawn Service, Septic Division


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Man, I read this when it first popped up but haven't checked back in since. I don't have a dog in this fight but some people's take on this is way off base. OP came on here and made a basic complaint, no different than MANY others who post here frequently. His complaint (or venting) was reasonable, yet all of a sudden, people attack him (I assume) ................. and with some pretty lame statements. If I read it correctly, he blamed the issue on Mark's septic yet most jumped on his accusation towards a "Marc" - who must be a dear relative of many of you all.

I find it odd that he witnessed a company discharging human waste, sludge, or even gray water (does it matter?) onto his property and people find him in the wrong. When someone swings by your place and drops a "two-sie" on your lawn, be sure to have your property plat and deed in hand before confronting the person ...... otherwise, you may be wrong.

And his complaint is only valid if he carries that complaint up the ladder to the highest authority? What if he simply wanted to come onto a forum and b!tch about it for some basic forum therapy? All you people who complain about the speeders/lane mergers, diesel trucks rolling coal and extensive construction schedules must be on a first name basis with the State/County police and your local MD SHA office .....................