Biological Male Owner of Miss Universe Proclaims “From Now on it’s Going to be Ran by Women”


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What is the definition of mass insanity? Or is it like pornography? We can't define it, necessarily, but we know it when we see it?

In October, The Gateway Pundit reported that a transgender Thai businessperson and activist purchased the Miss Universe organization for $20 million.

The buyer, Chakrapong “Anne” Chakrajutathib, is famous in Thailand and has appeared on several reality television shows.

On stage last night at the Miss Universe pageant, Chakrajutathib said to the crowd, “Welcome to the Miss Universe organization. From now on it’s going to be ran by women…owned by a transgender woman, for all women really around the world to celebrate the power of feminism.”

Personally, I think it's all designed to inflame the moose limbs, but that's just one theory.



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I don't even know if the media says who the winner is.

How many women will not enter now because with this person in charge may lean on adding transgenders.


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I didn't even know they were having it. Did anyone watch?
Who really cares?
It's the irony (at least) of a biological man making such a statement. That's how delusional and "Idiocracy" we have become.


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There are a couple of conditions here.
Embarrassing for whom. The contest winner, the contest loser, or the selection committee.

We already know that a "woke" committee would automatically vote for the tranny.
The Trannie is too ignorant and simple to be embarrassed.
And if the trannie won the second place winner would actually be the winner. Just like the woman who came in second place to a man swimming.