Blind loyalty = failure to govern


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Mnuchin Juggles Day Job Alongside Shielding Trump’s Tax Returns
Steven Mnuchin’s job as Treasury secretary is to protect the value of the dollar. Now, he’s also protecting the most sought-after documents in America: President Donald Trump’s tax returns.


Mnuchin’s more substantive economic plans risk being consumed by the partisan fight over the tax returns. Mnuchin and Congress need each other if they hope to achieve their goals on housing finance reform and an upgrade to U.S. infrastructure.

“This is probably one of the most important decisions I will make,” Mnuchin told reporters last week. “It’s not just about a congressional investigation into the president’s tax returns -- it’s about my responsibility to follow the law.”
Thank god the Sec Treas is protecting the President's taxes from seeing the light of day! That really is a high priority for Americans of all ages.

“We’re fighting all the subpoenas,” Trump said last month. Mnuchin has echoed that view, telling Congress in an April 23 letter, that its “investigatory power is not unlimited.”
This is not how the innocent act. This is also not how those who actually want to govern act. Trump has to do all this fighting and delaying because he has no agenda. He has no actual well thought out policy agenda. Trump is all style...there is no substance to the man at all.