Bourbon aged beer, Bourbon County and Sam Addams Utopias.


Power with Control
Tried to get a bottle of Utopias a couple years ago. Failed. Down in Jax this last week, big social for the conference. One guy bought two bottles of Bourbon County 2014 by Goose Island. I had no idea what is was, he was pouring out small drinks for anyone. Since I rarely drink more than one beer at these things, as I usually drive, I wasnt sure, but I did. WOW.

Here's how they describe the 2022, each year is different.

Every year since its inception in 1992, we strive to honor the original Bourbon County Stout recipe. And, 30 years later, we continue Gregory Hall’s legacy and passion for making the best beer possible, starting with the best barrels the bourbon trail has to offer. This year, our Imperial Stout is aged and blended from freshly emptied bourbon barrels from Heaven Hill, Four Roses, Wild Turkey, and Buffalo Trace distilleries. Expect flavors of vanilla, dark chocolate, toffee, molasses, almond, and dried fruit.

The 2014 stuff had I don't even know how many flavors going on, all amazing. Certainly wasnt beer as normal folks thing about it.

So today on the off chance I stopped into International, figured the guru in there would either have it or know who did. Much to my surprise, its owned by an Asian couple now. Not sure if he even works there anymore. Nice young guy, I showed him the bottle, he typed it in, said he had wo but they were gone. As I'm explaining that is supposed to be a lesser version of Utopias, I look to my right, and there's a bottle on that just sitting there...

As I'm asking the nice lady behind the counter if I may (They MSRP at over $250 a bottle, only 13,000 made this year for the whole country) her husband comes back with bottle of the Bourbon County. Which I buy since it's only $13 bucks. I ask about the Utopias, Xmas is coming after all :) She tells me its $399. Given its distributed in October, I think they are overpricing it, but maybe not. If its still there in Mid December, I might make a run at it for retail price.