Box Turtles


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I'm Allergic to cats and some dogs too. I only keep my puppy becuase of the creation of zyrtec. When I was younger I had a Hairless Guinea Pig. He was very cute and only had a small patch of hair on his nose. You may want to look into these. They are not that expensive and like to play.


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Along with the hairless cat, there is also a hairless dog, called a Chinese Crested :D They look like a little dog version of a horse :lol: My mom wants one.
*edit* hairless, meaning "furless and without dander" which is what people are really allergic too. They do have the mane and tail, but are basically hypo-allergenic (sp?) pets.




aps45819 said:
You're not supposed to lick them :razz:

Apsy, You are the only one I see with their tongue out :shrug:


Elle, box turtles are ok pets, kind of boring... I've had a few - my father was into turtles and had a collection of 50 turtles/lizards at one time so me having one or two wasn't an odd thing. Eitherway, they are not very affectionate, and I find the males a little more friendlier and aloof than the females. I just fed them bread, lettuce and tomatoe, they are messy animals though and if you kept it in a box, you would need a new box at least once a week.

I too an allergic to dander and if you are considering a cat, I would recommend the long hair over a hairless cat. It's my understanding that dander comes from the skin.... I have both long and short hair animals and have the most flare up on the short haired animal. Who would have thought it?? But the only thing I can think of is the long hair traps the dander in better than a short hair :shrug: