Boyfriend Air


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I’m plagued by ‘boyfriend air’ — I’ve never felt so dirty

“I spent a lot of time this past summer at my boyfriend’s apartment in New York,” explained TikTok user Taylor Donoghuee, 22, from Pennsylvania, in a trending testimonial.

“I remember taking a full body shower, and the next morning waking up and being like, ‘I feel so dirty,’” she continued in her video, which scared up over 2.5 million views.

The brunette went on to explain that during visits to her sweetheart’s abode, her hair would become greasy and her skin would “act different” and repel her makeup.

“[Boyfriend air] is a thing because it was only in his apartment that I would feel this way,” she said, adding that she originally blamed the odd changes to her body on being in the city. “No, it [was] boyfriend air.”

Under the TikTok hashtag #boyfriendair, the term has amassed over 18 million views from women with similarly icky stories.