Branch Covidians


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And yet, that very same government that these knuckleheads trust re: the masking, the vaxing, and all that, is allowing MILLIONS and MILLIONS of undocumented, unvaccinated, unvetted people stream across the border - and are even being flown into the country by the thousands.


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I feel as though anyone who uses "privilege" as a pejorative while trying to discredit other people should be throat punched on pay-per-view.
What the hell is that? Male- Female some combination of both.
Yes I always take advice from people with blue hair a nose ring and holes in their ears.
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I think we've known all along that the mentally disabled are the ones most affected by covid, thanks for confirming that for us all!
As for the people with medical disabilities, well, they've always had to take extra care during cold and flu season. They didn't need covid to dictate that in their lives.