Building rockets like oceangoing ships


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Not a complete success, but then not a complete failure either?

Well, in the sense that 10% of mission objectives complete isn't complete failure. But the boost to higher orbit, ISS rendezvous, docking, offload, undocking, deorbit, and landing, all that stuff, never gets tested. Not seeing a clear path for them to get a manned flight in 2020.

Next piece of this "Muricans in Spaaaaacccccceeeee" saga picks up the 11th, when SpaceX does their Inflight Abort test, when they trigger the safe escape rockets in the Crew Dragon capsule during Max-Q. Boeing doesn't have to perform that test, not sure why. Maybe the lack of Russian rocket motors to throw away precludes it :) SpaceX has already performed the test that Boeing failed today last summer. If they nail the IFA, they should be cleared for taking the first manned flight from the US