Business Leaders PANIC As Uber Moves To ABANDON Liberal City After Democrats JACK UP Minimum Wage!


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Okay, a little click-bait-ish, but still. How many people really depend on Uber or Lyft? I know people who commute from No Neck into Evil DC on a regular basis, almost exclusively by Uber.

The ride-hailing companies Uber and Lyft said they will delay their planned exit from Minneapolis after city officials decided Wednesday to push back the start of a driver pay raise by two months.



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Here's the thing and only one example of how stupid Democrats are:

These corporations make billions and their CEOs are insanely wealthy. Uber has a million drones and bean counters between the driver and the top brass, and they ALL make a sh*t ton MORE than the actual driver, who is the only revenue-producing employee. The battalion of bots who make all the propaganda saying how drivers are the heart of the company make more than the drivers. These billionaires and millionaires and overpaid whatevers are not going to give up a few bucks so the drivers can make a living wage.

What makes Democrats stupid, besides everything they do, is that they clamor for a higher minimum wage because they think soulless corporate ghouls are going to give the people on the downline a cut of their money, and that never happens. The greedy aholes either raise prices to cover it or they come up with some other way to not have to pay their customer facing employees decently.

I'm not against people reaping the rewards of their success, but at some point they've made enough money and they should be sending it down the chain. I know you greed monsters disagree with me, but I don't care. Nobody needs to be a billionaire when their employees are struggling on crappy minimum wage. That's ridiculous.

So obviously raising the minimum wage isn't the answer. Democrats are stupid and mindless to think it is. I don't know what the answer is, but I do know that this is how unions were born - rich greedy fat cats at the top paying slave wages and workers had no choice but to accept it. And I also know that the corporations that cry the loudest about how much they care about their employees also cry the loudest about unions because caring doesn't translate to paying them decently.