Buttigieg's husband is a whiny little bitch


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Buttigieg, husband Chasten mocked for complaining about high rent in DC

"We couldn’t afford the one-bedroom-plus-den," Chasten said.

Instead, they’re renting an 800-square-foot, one-bedroom apartment, sans den, in a high-security building, where the rent for one-bedrooms now starts at $4,500 per month, The Post reported, adding that the rent is higher since the Buttigieges signed a lease last winter.

"We’re doing fine for ourselves, and [yet] the city is almost unaffordable," Chasten told the paper. "Which tells you how extremely unaffordable it is for many people."

The transportation secretary’s salary is $221,400, while Chasten, a former middle school drama teacher, is currently unemployed. In addition to their D.C. apartment, the couple owns a home on Lake Michigan in Traverse City, which they purchased this year after selling their home in South Bend, The Post reported.


"Imagine being so far removed from the real world that you complain about your $4,500/mo apartment not having a den," tweeted Abigail Marone, press secretary for Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo. "Americans are struggling to afford basic necessities thanks to #bidenflation but poor Pete & Chasten don't get a den in their high-end building. Boo hoo."

"You can get a nice 1BR (or a 2BR in some cases) for significantly less than $4,500 a month in DC..." wrote Washington Post reporter Josh Dawsey.

"My roommate and I have a 2 bed/2 bath + den in the middle of the city and our rent costs nowhere near $4500 a month," wrote CBS News reporter Kathryn Watson.

"Hilarious how Mr. Wine Cave Buttigieg is whining that he ONLY makes $221,400 a year," tweeted Club for Growth senior analyst Andrew Follett. "The problem isn't DC's real estate market (which I've personally lived with and in for years)...it's that Dems elites are incredibly fiscally irresponsible...even in their personal lives."


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Wait... middle school drama teacher is actually a full time position? Not an English teacher that oversees drama productions as a collateral duty.


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I think if this were true it really would be bad, $5.62 per square foot is really high. I'm guessing that they shopped more for the address than the amenities.