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Some people's kids..they don't realize there's a thread for the billboard...geesh!
I stole it from greg.


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Has anyone got a picture of the latest message on the infamous billboard? Last week when I went by, the message had been changed to "F U Biden and your Socialism Agenda". I couldn't get my camera out in time but would like a picture to put in the my next YouTube video I am currently editing.


the poor dad
And if anyone has a picture of the barn in Chaneyville with the flag on it, I would appreciate it. The owner added a sign on the bottom of the flag that said "Let's Go Brandon" with the Nascar colors on it.

Since I don't do FB, I feel left out by not getting banned so trying my best to get banned on YouTube so I can sit at the cool kids table...


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For those who don't know the area, the billboard sits on the southbound side of Rt. 4 near the corner of Bowie Shop road - right after the Tractor Supply.

You cannot really see it going south. I pulled over across the highway to take these pics.

Thing 1 was laughing his a** off when he saw
it! :killingme