Can the Grid Support EVs?


Just sneakin' around....
Very interesting concept being put forth: Would the grid be able to support EVs if the production of gasoline was halted? This guy does a lot of (questionable) math to determine the actual cost in kWh to produce gasoline, and if that energy were simply redirected to the grid instead of making gasoline. He only calculates the cost to manufacture the fuel, not the costs to mine and transport, and assumes the production of gas is totally halted, which is a poor assumption because gas is used by more than just cars. In the end, the energy to produce a gallon of gas is worth enough to drive an EV between 20 and 50 miles, depending on the EV. Kind of breaks even with no change to the grid. I don't have a real opinion either way because there is too much not accounted for, but it is something to consider.