Cardinal possessed


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Have a cardinal that's found its reflection in the grill fascia of my vehicle. It makes trips between the feeder and the carport only to try and hoover in place to intimidate whatever its seeing in the the grill work. Been at this for the last week, tried covering the grill, even moved the vehicle, little crap tracked it down and is at it again.

Can't let this one go, driving me bonkers bird needs to have the big one...

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hoover in place
Maybe it needs a Kirby instead. :sshrug: :lol: :kiss:

Cardinals are very territorial and attack anything they can see, even if it's a reflection, they think is a threat. I know a car cover would work but would be a pain in the butt to put on every day. I read you can get hawk stickers from Wild Birds and put them on your vehicle, too. Or Post-It notes would do the job. Anything to break the reflection would work. Good luck!


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I had a damn bird crapping on mt truck side mirror wound up wrapping the mirror in a plastic bag, it still crapped on that !