CBS All Access - Paramount Plus


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When this first came out, I figured it was worth five bucks or so a month to see the new Star Trek Discovery - with the knowledge that more shows would be following (there have - Picard, Lower Decks and a couple more on deck to be released soon) - that, and other new programming. My wife and I enjoyed "The Good Fight" which was a sequel to The Good Wife - but it just got weird and while the original - written by devoted Dems who are fans of Hillary and Obama - tried hard to be FAIR to right-leaning views, if not terribly favorable - the new one made no such effort. We eventually just stopped - I have no idea if it's still being produced.

Anyway - I was curious what the "new" network would be like. A few new entries, but basically it appears to just be rebranding the old CBS ALL Access.

Except I can't get consistent streaming from it on any device. Videos lock up, commercials freeze completely and my streaming devices end up totally rebooting. I cannot figure out what it is. I've had to resort to using other means to watch shows we've missed - CBS is notorious for having shows run overtime on Sundays because of sporting events - and the DVR/TiVo doesn't know that, so we end up with chopped up episodes. On Demand is ok - but sometimes the latest episode takes a bit LONGER to present itself.

Has this been your experience? A glitchy Paramount Plus?

Now I have noticed - from time to time - short, less than a second drops in broadcasts where I miss a word or two and the cable flashes briefly that it is missing content - and it is reaching nuisance level. But it happens somewhat rarely. But Paramount does it almost always - it's become useless.