Ceiling Fan needs a problem solver


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Installed a new fan...followed the directions to the best of our ability, yet it is not working. Any experienced folks can chime in with a local electrician who can tackle this reasonably? recommendations desired.


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Silly questions, but 1. Is the breaker turned back on? 2. Is the wall switch turned back on, if there is one?


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If there IS good news,...the breaker has not tripped after we turned it on, so that wing of the house still has power.
The Ceiling fan AND the light do NOT respond to the light switch. Sadly...I chose a CF that has a remote (and yes, the battery IS good, and the remote has a small sensor light that shows its also functional.)

So...either I missed a hot wire connection,...or even failed in trying to hook up the receiver for the remote properly. Not a fun job for a warm day!


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Single switch,...a remote should be able to turn on both light & speed of fan...and, its as effective at the Clinton Foundation's aid to Haiti.
Did you replace an old fan with a new one?
Is this a light fixture that was replaced with a fan/light fixture?


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Light fixture switch to light/fan... (definately a two person job--flashlight, holding the fan motor,...wiring...and reading directions!):faint:


I had the same problem installing my daughter's with a remote. Turned out the receiver inside the unit wasn't getting signal. Had to drill a small hole in the casing and poke the receiver's little antenna out. It works fine now.

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Should be only 3 wires you had to twist together, If you felt confident to tackle this job, I'm pretty positive you didn't mess up the wiring connections. (Not trying to be sarcastic) Unless they came loose while stuffing them back into the fan housing.

If the wall switch is on, make sure the little remote antenna in the fan is sticking out so it can get signal from the remote. If wiring connections are good, antenna is visible, then maybe the fan is defective out of the box.


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Recheck the connections that you made with the wire nuts. If the light was working before then you probably haven't properly connected all the wires.


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This ....

And that. Thats been my number one error. These days, and I do NOT recommend this, I actually run a power test before putting ti all together. Me, I live a life of fanger anyway, so :) I fact, I've replaced about six of these in the last three months. Wife decided is was time for the originals from 1986 to finally go.