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Doris Day meets Lady Gaga
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Janet Reno dead at 78
Had I not clicked over to the Drudge Report, I'd have never known it. Haven't heard one thing about it on FNC since I got up an hour ago. :yawn:

whoops - right on return from commercial just now - a breaking news blurb about her.

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And Waco didn't bother you ? 76 dead..
Waco outraged me as did Ruby Ridge. That said, Waco started under Bush 41, the investigation, and probably would have happened as it did regardless of Clinton taking office and, if nothing else, there was reasons to be concerned with Koresh and the rest of his nut house. The Elian thing was just pure evil against a little kid, all her own doing.

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Florence Henderson of The Brady Bunch..


Florence Henderson, the wholesome actress who went from Broadway star to television icon when she became Carol Brady, the ever-cheerful mom residing over "The Brady Bunch," has died. She was 82.

She died surrounded by family and friends, her manager, Kayla Pressman, said in a statement late Thursday