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So long Squiggy...

He played a cringeworthy role in that show. I wonder how close that character was to his real life. The reason I'm curious is because people like Robert DeNiro. When he's interviewed about politics he turns into 1 of his mafioso characters. If Bobby D was a regular Joe in real life, he'd be the guy being arrested for road rage on the evening, local news.


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Charlie Pride at 86
The paper said complications due to Covid. They included this quote.
They used to ask me how it feels to be the first colored country singer,‘” he told The Dallas Morning News in 1992. “Then it was first Negro country singer;’ then first black country singer.′ Now I’m the first African-American country singer.′ That’s about the only thing that’s changed. This country is so race-conscious, so ate-up with colors and pigments. I call it `skin hangups’ — it’s a disease.


Doris Day meets Lady Gaga
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I agree with him. I always think of him as a hella good country singer. Classic country at it's best.
I just loved him! I'm so glad that my dad (and mom) introduced me to such a wide variety of music genres growing up!