'Cheeteau' Cheetos Perfume


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It might seem like an April Fools' joke, but your chance to smell like Cheetos with the simple spritz of a perfume bottle is here. According to spokescheetah Chester Cheetah, Cheeteau, a Cheetos-inspired fragrance that "boasts buttery notes, accents of sharp cheddar, and a touch of lemon for balance," will be available for a limited time, starting today, April 1. Curious, we chatted with Chester to learn more..


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Smelling like cheese is usually a bad thing.
This made me chuckle. Having grown up in a small town in Wisconsin surrounded by dairy farms, saying that a guy smelled like cheese was kind of the kiss of death as far as his dating potential. Many of them did. I was glad the guys whose lockers were on either side of mine both lived in town so that my locker didn't smell. I don't think cheeteau perfume would be a big seller there!