Child Trafficking - Defend The Children - Help Request


There is just a little over 9 days left to do this and I have been through this twice already.

I know what I am asking here is very time consuming. My suggestion, start from the bottom because we are aware of people just getting tired 1/2 way through and had to stop. You are basically going to the links and pasting what has already been typed out for you. Professionals combed through this and the answers are exactly that, professional.

The policy they have now never checks on the children or checks homes (home plans). Home plans are limited to just phone calls and that is completely unacceptable. We don't want these children waived in without safe guards. Case managers need to see where the child is going to sleep, etc. and ensure they won't be used for child labor or sex trafficking. And no, your government doesn't care :ohwell:

DHS Whistleblower video starts here <--- for more background

Instructions to get started:

If you would like to skip all that and go directly to the links and figure it out yourself, here:

You don't have to give your name, you can click the box for anonymous.

When we started, we only had 8 comments. We now have over 10K this month - we would like 50K.

So if you have time, please consider helping out this movement.