Climate Activists Urging Democrats to Use Coronavirus Crisis to Leverage Their Agenda


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Reconciling the climate-change nonsense with the COVID-19 pandemic is hard to do when you use the crisis to advance your political agenda. But activists want to hold Democrats' feet to the fire and impose their ludicrous restrictions on businesses.

For climate-change activists, there’s an upside to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Not only did China see its greenhouse-gas emissions drop as its economy shuttered, but Democrats held up Monday nearly $2 trillion in pandemic relief to squeeze in items from their climate wish list, including re-upping renewable-energy tax credits and tacking emissions mandates on the aviation and cruise industries.
Note that if economic Armageddon would advance their cause, they would embrace it -- which is what they're doing here.

James Taylor, senior fellow at the free-market Heartland Institute, called it “unconscionable that Democrats are holding coronavirus relief for millions of Americans hostage to completely unrelated extremist climate demands.”

“American lives and Americans’ ability to feed themselves and make rent and mortgage payments are far more important than imposing climate restrictions on airplanes and giving more handouts to the wind and solar industries,” said Mr. Taylor. “Politicians who believe unemployed Americans are less important than climate activism and wind power have no moral justification holding office.”
JunkScience’s Steve Milloy, a member of the Trump EPA transition team, said that Democrats are “more worried about not letting the coronavirus go to political waste than they are about protecting public health and rescuing the economy.”


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Solar and airline emissions also.
I thought so. Ya know this only proves how totally uncaring they are about citizens of the United States.
Trying to sneak in some Liberal BS while people are hurting.

And yet there are people out there who will vote for these unscrupulous highbinders.