Clipping Wings?


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Gosh DooDoo, I am very sorry to hear about Fiona Bird. I don't know what to say, other than to tell you that by what your posted, your Birds have it made, and were very lucky to be your pets. It's never easy to loose a pet, no matter what kind they are. RIP Fiona.


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Oh doodoo, I am very sad for you and your loss of Fiona. She sounded like quite the character. Poor Izzy. I'm sure he's greiving the loss so much. Give him lots of love and attention and I hope your pain will slowly ease knowing Fiona is now at peace. Poor baby. I'm sure the loss of her legs was a tremendous burden for her.

Wow. I really am sorry for your loss. :huggy:


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Thank you both for your very kind words. It is very hard getting through these few days and it's hard trying not to vision her last hours of suffereing as she did. Fiona was such a beautiful parrot and didn't deserve anything like those last days. At our age, we were expecting her to out live us. Conure Parrot average 20 to 30 years old...

Izzy is a little trooper and is doing well, although there are signs that he knows he lost his sister and best friend, although they weren't companions. Hopefully as the days go on things will get easier. We now have a web cam on Izzy so we can peek at him on our phone during the day. Again thanks...


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DooDoo, I am so sorry for the loss of your feathered friend. While reading your posts, I could feel the love that you have for your birds. Take care.


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So sorry to hear about your Fiona, Doodoo. We had a yellow crowned amazon for about 5 years - she was our wedding present to each other. She was just a scamp and so much fun. Mashed potatoes were not safe when she was out of her cage - she would fly down to the table and attack them with delight. When we were moving from Hawaii to Florida, she rode in a little cage under the airline seat. Just as we were taking off, she escaped and went running up the aisle. My husband darted after her, knowing we'd never find her if she hid and the flight attendent was right after him, as a man running for the cockpit wasn't looked at favorably. The whole plane had a good laugh.

When we moved back to Hawaii, we didn't often clip her wings, because she was content to sit on the outside of her cage and watch the world. We had a neighbor that she didn't like - and he insisted that he could make friends with her. She really got to hate the sight of him - we were getting ready for our farewell picnic in the the backyard and he came barreling through the house and made a beeline over to her to try to get her to say hello. She flew out the open door and never came back. For weeks we'd hear her in the trees, yelling hello and barking like a dog. We took our portable dishwasher outside and ran it, as she loved to imitate the rinse cycle - but nothing worked.

I like to think that Malia lived in the wild in Hawaii for many years after we left, but I never have stopped thinking about her.


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Hi, I'm DooDoo's wife. Fiona has been a great loss to us this week. It's been a rough week. She had her quirky ways. She had a thing for finding stuff in the house that she liked to hang out on, such as the Dehumidifier (she learned how to turn it on and off), the trash can in the kitchen (it had a lid with a button to push to open it, she learned how to open it). She loved to fly back to my shower and sit on the shower rod and wait for me to get out and blow dry my hair (I had to blow dry her feathers). She would get very protective of things she had a fixation with. She would dance to music SHE liked and would hold her foot up when SHE wanted you to pick her up, otherwise she'd run from you. She was a character. We miss her terribly and the house just doesn't sound the same. It gets a little easier each day.


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Sorry to hear of your loss, DooDoo1402 and PeachConure. My parents have had parakeets and cockatiels over the years, they have a cockatiel now that is an absolute trip. He can imitate the phone beeps and ringer, wolf whistles, say a few words, and his latest accomplishment is whistling 'Yankee Doodle Dandy'. It's amazing how a tiny creature can have such a large place in our hearts. :huggy: