Cobra Kai


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Almost finished second season, binging with my wife.

It is surprisingly good. While I loved the movies - ESPECIALLY the first, not so much any of the sequels - if you actually have never seen them, you won't get as much out of them. While they have originals such as Macchio (Danny), Zabka (Jonny Lawrence - the Cobra Kai who gets kicked in the face from the Crane technique) and a couple surprise guests - it is in fact, a new story.

The series revolves about a 34 year grudge Lawrence still carries, which is strange because at the end of the first film and beginning of the second, it's clear he's gained respect for Danny. But unlike an old familiar face who shows up at the end of Season 1 - Jonny evolves and isn't all bad - and Danny is mostly good but his distrust of Jonny and Cobra Kai make him less than honorable. I guess what I am saying is, the characters aren't sorted into "good" and "bad" although Jonny is seriously messed up, and his version of past events is rather distorted.

Looking forward to Season 3 which comes out next year.


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Sam -is that a suitable series for kids - kids meaning around a 15 year old mental level? My son really liked Karate Kid - both versions and I've been looking for something we both can watch that isn't a "cartoon" movie.
About as much as the movies were. I mean, most of the characters are in fact, high school students. The only "inappropriate" might be some vulgarity and a scene where a girl gives another girl a wedgie - but otherwise, it's mostly wholesome fare.


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That doesn't sound any worse than the Anime stuff he watches. Who carries it? I'm getting bunch of online responses to that questions and no definitive answer. Wonder if a re-watch of Karate Kid series would spark his interest - does the series tie in with it initially?

Netflix. It had previously been on YouTube Red, but Netflix has it now.


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3rd not as good as S1 and S2.

My thoughts, kids might like it but it won't have the same impact as it does for someone who spent the last 3 years of their lives with these archetypal characters only to have them 180 (or close enough). The privileged rich kid with no morals is now the downtrodden anti-hero with a budding conscience, while the poor kid with street smarts and proper morals instilled by his mother and sensei is now an out of touch rich self-righteous borderline dousche canoe.


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