Companion or light riding partner available!!


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She is FREE to a good home! A small donation fee is largely appreciated to help pay for her investigatory veterinary exam, but that is all.

I'm currently looking for a relaxed home for my 8 year old TB mare that will do light work with her. SHE COULD EASILY DO MORE WORK WITH THE MEDICAL MAINTENANCE SHE NEEDS. She could also be a companion horse.
She is a very easy-keeper because she hardly eats anything and could really survive on just grass (she likes field board) but she has some maintenance that I can no longer afford. I had her vetted (which was expensive enough!) and she has hock arthritis in 2 different joints (lower hock joints). She's already been injected once this year in the tarsometatarsal hock joint (at the end of April) which helped some (I have the current x-rays taken since the injections). She has a very mild suspensory problem in her hind right (I have the ultrasounds). The vet said the larger problem of the two is her hock arthritis. She is very happy and sound on grass (hard footing hurts her more) and goes very nicely under saddle. She has a fantastic personality so I'm looking for a loving, low-key forever home for her. She can still go lightly under saddle (and the vet said it'd be good for her arthritis) but not to do tight circles etc. Directly from the vet's mouth: even jumping isn't bad because it doesn't put the stress on her hocks the same way tight turns do.
If you know of anyone looking for a great light riding, even trail (but not on gravel) horse, or someone who is willing to do the maintenance for her to do harder work, please send them my way!