Congress Passes Record NDAA, Rescinds Troop Vax Mandate, But...


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The U.S. Senate passed a MASSIVE National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) on Thursday, authorizing a record-breaking $858 billion for defense spending.

No doubt relieved to have the NDAA tied up with a bow before the holidays, the Senate passed the bill with an overwhelming 83-11 majority. It now goes to President Biden for his signature.

According to Roll Call:

The approximately $858 billion NDAA topline comprises $847 billion in the bill itself plus another nearly $11 billion authorized by other committees.
The category of defense spending that would receive the biggest share of the increase above the level Biden sought is the procurement account, which would rise by $19 billion — or 13 percent — above the president’s request.
Top procurement items include 21 new Navy ships, instead of the 15 requested, for $33 billion — a $5 billion increase. And the measure would prohibit the decommissioning of a dozen other warships.
The bill would also authorize purchasing 69 F-35 fighter jets, up from the 61 requested.
On nuclear programs, the measure would authorize billions for new nuclear delivery vehicles — submarines, aircraft and missiles. The bill would push back against the Biden administration’s plans to halt a sea-launched nuclear cruise missile program. And it would limit retirements of B83 atomic bombs.