Considering all of the threads on local driving

Part of the problem or not

  • Im perfect, no problems, everyone else is an idiot

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  • Everyone has their moment of idiocy behind the wheel

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  • I should not really be driving at all.

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  • I live in my moms basement and am not allowed to drive

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We all have ####### moments from time to time. But I think people who really can't drive worth a damn don't realize it or won't admit it. Oblivions who roll down the road like Mario Kart aren't going to realize they suck at driving - they're too busy texting to notice.

That said, last night on my way home I saw a dumbchit swing into the wrong lane when turning from Rt 4 onto 235S. The vehicle he almost took out was...a cop car.


It gave me a lot of pleasure to see that ####### get lit up. Hopefully the cop took him somewhere secluded and tased him until his heart stopped.

I :heart: U



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Actually, Bernie, automated enforcement aside, the preponderance of speed enforcement over citing just plain bad drivers by uniformed patrol officers has very little to do with making money.

I did a little research into this and it comes down to this.

1. The public has been trained for a generation or two that "Speed kills". So, when the see speeding, they complain, even if its not really dangerous speeding.
2. Politicians offices and local authorities get those calls, and respond with pumping up speed enforcement actions, in the name of serving the citizens.
3. It's super easy to defend a speeding citation in court. We measured a number, cut and dried. Guilty. Unsafe lane changes? Improper following distance? Very hard to prove such in court.
4. We like numbers, numbers show work was done. So, if I can generate a large number of citations for X number of man-hours of patrol time, I can show work was done, tax dollars bought something worthwhile. Switching to stupid driver enforcement would mean a drop in numbers.

Look at Rt 4 in Calvert. The only real speed related fatality I can think of in recent memory was that officer who crested the hill and t-boned that young lady. All the others were simple failure to yield, folks pulling out in front of traffic. But what does the CCSO do? Run saturation speed enforcement, because it's not about fixing the problem, it's about being seen doing something the public thinks will solve the problem.

Thank you for your honesty.

Now turn in your badge.



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Thank you for your honesty.

Now turn in your badge.


No kidding:) I joined the website a couple years back to talk about Charger cars, correct some misinformation, and ask about SRT police cars. Have hung around since then, because a lot of LEO related topics arise in both the Chargerforums and here and I always believe in going to the source for information, and then corroborating with other sources. Pretty educational, actually. The biggest thing I learned was that officers are not as monolithic in their opinions on some subjects as I thought. Professional courtesy and recording officers in public are two examples.

Also learned that the incidence of gear heads in the ranks is no larger than the general public, might even be less. But that's where I developed the ideas above from, having lengthy discussions with officers about why we practice speed enforcement so predominately.


A lot of folks with 4X4s don't have limited slip/locking differentials. When traction is low, ONE wheel on each axle will spin and they find out they don't really have 4 wheel drive.

limited slip is useless.
on the GMs the back axle is a full locking. In snow I do have 5 tires with full traction on the ground, one of the fronts are not any value since the front axle is limited slip.


IMHO not so - maybe usless on your Chevy - but I got a friend that has a 90 something F 150 Limited F/R and we drove all over No. VA that winter everyone had the ice dams and water leaking in through roofs and ceilings .......... in the early / mid 90's



I also leave perfect tips when I go out to eat. Exactly what the waiter or waitress deserves, not a penny more (unless I'm feeling generous) and not a penny less (no qualifiers).


you always tip a hot waitress or a busty one showing cleavage more than the standard 15%

- well as long as your wife isn't around


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Thread after thread of people pointing out how everyone else on the road is an idiot.
And, with the first snow will come the
I can drive in it but nobody else can. or, I learned to drive in 20ft of snow on top of the Swiss Alps,
Rain? Night? everyone is better at driving than everybody else.

If everyone was as good as they claimed to be, then would there be as many accidents and complaints?

So, I ask,
are you doing everything the right way and everyone else is an ass
are you part of the problem, at least part of the time.

At least when I spaced off and ran a red light up here almost causing what was inches from an accident that would have most likely resulted in the death of a small child, I did admit that I pulled an ass hole moment...

I live in your camper. I dont see a problem with MY driving. I am a female.