Cops shoot and kill over 100 seagulls


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Cops shoot and kill over 100 seagulls |

Thousands of the birds have invaded Southgate, near Detroit, so police got permission to start shooting them.

Officers started shooting Thursday morning near a car dealership, and after about two-hours, they had taken out more than 100 seagulls.

Neighbors hope it's a regular event. Southgate police chose not to poison the birds because they didn't want dying or sick seagulls to be dropping from the sky all around the city. One officer says shooting them isn't exactly the best way to clear them out.


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Only 100? Seagulls are the nastiest birds at the beach. The poop on everything & everyone and they're really loud and irritating. The DNR needs to reduce their population, big time...


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So, kill the birds instead of cleaning up the garbage that most likely attracted them? I like the cut of your jib.


city workers originally brought in trucks with plows to try and kill the birds while they slept on the ground, but that wasn't very effective. The birds would just scurry away then come back.
wth? :lmao:

Larry Gude

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When asked why the department shot 100 innocent birds, a department spokesman had this to say:

"We ran out of bullets."