Cost of Driveway Repair vs. Home Value Increase


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I have a gravel driveway that is heavily overgrown with weeds... has some heavy ruts at the entrance, and has eroded away quite severely.

It has also spread in places it's not supposed to, probably because people cut the corners too wide and killed the grass. These areas I would like to till under and redefine the border of the driveway.

My question is... if I sink a couple grand or more into the driveway to have part of it moved, the size increased, the borders clearly defined, and new deep layers of gravel, is it worth it for the amount my home value would increase? If I repair my driveway to the point where it's pristine, would it be worth it if I'm figuring on selling within the next year or two?

If the value increase is not going to at least pay for itself, I figure I'll just live with it until I sell.


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I don't know about the home value increase, but as a current house hunter a nice, attractive driveway is certainly a plus! :jet:

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A home appraiser told me once that the landscaping doesn't increase the appraisal value of a home. But if you are selling it, the driveway will be the first impression people get. So it is is really bad, some people will lose interest before they get to the front door.

On the surface, you may not be able to say the value of the house was increased by the amount you spent on the driveway, but if it comes to a bidding war, it may keep the potential buyers in the running longer.