Couple of used jet skis


Mr. Shud da hell up
Bought me some jet skis the fun begins. Maintenance...Grrrr. Lol. The Money to be dropped into it.

Anyways...So where are the best places to go. So far I took em down to Piney POint. Not a bad place...easy to drop in the water. Nicer if ya have a few ppl who know what they are doing lol. And as I am learning myself

How about Point Lookout, that lake that drops into the that a place to go?


One of the sinners
What ABout

Solomon's Island or over in Prince Fredrick?
In the yahoo chat rooms, someone was saying it was a blast jet skiing and boating on the chesapeake Bay....


Mr. Shud da hell up
when crys leaves maybe joey

And I am working on the seadoo, but You'll have to show me where else. And as long as its a free ramp. Screw paying 5 bucks. I already paid a yearly rate at tall timbers. So I go there too.