Tom Roche

Credit seems to be a very bad word today. Damned if you have it (and use it) and damned if you don't. Well, has anyone had the unfortunate task of clearing up bad credit on their own, for matters that have been satisfied?

I know that going through lenders and whatnot is much better should one take the initial step to clean up that lengthy credit report.

I was amazed at how much stuff can accumulate over time.

Any experience on this matter that can be shared would be greatly appreciated.


Mr. Shud da hell up
Some luck here

Like cari said goto the credit bureaus the 3 major ones.
Get a credit report from each one this is a must. You can do it online trhough each web site. and

You must have your credit report. Then you look at them and determine which are in fact not legitamate. Then you dispute them online. You have to have the credit report cause they ask you for your credit report file number or some such number. Thereafter, they have 30 days to investigate. Many times they don't look into the actual discrepency. As it take too much time. You can dispute anything and everything. But the right way is to get the credit reports. Find the delinquent accounts. Pay them off, they have addresses for all the accounts. Then anything not right dispute. Any more ?'s feel free to ask.


Mr. Shud da hell up
dang cari

That bytes. Them rat bast#$%#$%#. lol Well heres the thing. If we acrue said bill. I feel we should make good on it. However they can be descent about the bills too. They prey on us fools lol.


Mr. Shud da hell up
I do hear ya

Like ya make do, but ya should have onyl had to make do on the 500. All a bunch of crooks. I know some companies don't contact you bout loans and things and bills. Going through this stuff now trying to ensure credit is cleared for buying a house and Urrrrghhhh lol