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Dan Goldman Desperately Trying to Walk Back What Many Saw As Disturbing Threat to Trump

Many on X are now talking about a disturbing comment that Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) made about former President Donald Trump.

Our friends at our sister site, Twitchy, picked up the comment. Goldman was on MSNBC with Jen Psaki. They were talking about an interview former President Donald Trump had with ABC's Jonathan Karl. In that interview, Trump told Karl that he had wanted to go up to the Capitol during the Jan. 6 riot to try to stop what was going on. But Trump said the Secret Service discouraged that. The MSNBC chyron at the bottom of the screen framed that as "New audio: Trump says he wanted to join Jan. 6 crowd," which miscasts what Trump said.

What Trump says he wanted to do sounds exculpatory. Goldman paints it as the opposite, claiming that Trump incited people to invade the Capitol when, in fact, Trump encouraged people to act "peacefully and patriotically."

Then Goldman tried to hype Trump as a threat.

"His rhetoric is really getting dangerous... It is just unquestionable at this point that that man cannot see public office again. He is not only unfit. He is destructive to our democracy. He has to be, he has to be eliminated.”

He talks about Trump inciting — what would you call that? That had many on X understandably upset and calling it a threat. While many might not watch Psaki's show, the show then spread the remark wider by posting the clip about it on X. So who knows what crazy people might think after seeing that kind of a statement?

This also shows how worried the Democrats are that they might lose — that Trump might win. So they have to do all they can to pitch the "danger to democracy" angle.

The next day — likely after Goldman saw the backlash on X — Goldman desperately tried to take back what he said.



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NYC Rep. Dan Goldman schooled on censorship of Hunter Biden laptop report

“You’ve talked about the Hunter Biden laptop, and how the FBI knew it existed,” Goldman told Substack and “Twitter Files” journalist Michael Shellenberger during a Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government hearing.

“You are aware, of course, that the laptop, so to speak, … that was published in the New York Post, was actually a hard drive that the New York Post admitted here was not authenticated as real,” Goldman audaciously — and incorrectly — claimed.

“It was not the laptop the FBI had. You’re aware of that right?” Goldman asked.

“It was the same contents,” Shellenberger responded.

“How do you know?” Goldman shot back. “You would have to authenticate it to know it was the same contents.”

“Are you suggesting the New York Post participated in a conspiracy to construct the contents of the Hunter Biden laptop?” Shellenberger replied.

“No, sir, the problem is that hard drives can be manipulated by Rudy Giuliani or Russia,” Goldman said.

[ 🤣 Giuliani manipulating a hard drive .... Like Trump a criminal master mind and a bumbling idiot ]

“But what’s the evidence that that happened?” Shellenberger asked.

“Well, there is actual evidence of it,” Goldman went on. “But the point is, it’s not the same thing.”

[ Where is the Evidence Dan, more spurious claims ]

“There’s no evidence of that, so you’re engaging in a conspiracy theory,” Shellenberger said, before being cut off.

“I’m glad you agree with me, Mr. Shellenberger, that transparency is the most important thing,” Goldman interjected, moving swiftly on to his next question.

When asked what data may have been “manipulated,” a spokesman for Goldman directed The Post to reports about some files on the hard drive having been created after Hunter had dropped it off at a computer repair store in Wilmington, Del, in April 2019, according to metadata analysis.

[ some files ? WHICH FILES, What was the contents of these files ? ]


Independent analyses by the Washington Post, CBS News, New York Times and other media outlets have consistently confirmed the authenticity of the contents included in The Post’s bombshell reports.

Finally, Hunter Biden’s attorney admitted in February that the laptop belonged to his client — while claiming that its data had been “unlawfully” accessed by Mac Isaac.


The FBI told Twitter that the laptop was real on Oct. 14, 2020, the same day The Post published its first report — even as the social media platform went on to censor the story and lock America’s favorite tabloid out of its account for allegedly violating its terms of service regarding hacked materials.


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Rep. Goldman Lectures, Insults Mother of Fentanyl Victim in Mayorkas Impeachment Hearing

Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) C-SPAN website made a fool of himself today during an impeachment hearing for DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who did not even appear.

Goldman used his five minutes to make a campaign speech while insulting and lecturing Josephine Dunn. Her daughter Anita died of fentanyl at the age of 26.

How does Goldman start his questioning? As classy as possible!

And obviously given what your experience has been, you don’t have the background to understand what a high crime and misdemeanor is and how it relates to this,” said Goldman. “So I hope that you’re handling that okay.

Um, WHAT?!

Goldman asked Dunn if the border had more law enforcement officers the flow of drugs would stop, obviously trying to get her to agree with whatever the administration is doing.

Oh man. Dunn gave Goldman a huge dose of truth:

I disagree with that, because border patrol is now being used to make sandwiches and to screen people and let them into our country, so I disagree with you.

Taken aback, Goldman’s snugness really came into focus.

So you are saying that … you are upset because the border patrol is … making sandwiches. I think you said, so you don’t think it would be helpful to have more border patrol officers who are charged with stopping the fentanyl trade?

Don’t get an attitude with a mother who lost a child, Goldman. Mothers do not hold back:

I would like the border patrol to be able to do the job that they were hired to do. Every border patrol officer that I have spoken to has told me that their hands are tied by this administration and mister Mayorkas. I’ve been to the border, sir, have you?

The look on Goldman’s face. His response?

More classy behavior:

Excuse me, I’m asking the questions.



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I keep looking at this and thinking - what kind of serious ******* would talk to someone like this who had lost a daughter to drugs?

It is rude enough to speak to ANYONE that way.

Somehow we do have to reconvince these people they are not royalty, they are not rules and they work at our pleasure.


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Democrat Impeachment Lawyer Says No One Uses ‘Bloodbath’ To Describe Economics — Webster’s Says Otherwise

Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) lashed out on X on Monday, claiming that no one used the term “bloodbath” to describe economic issues – but Merriam Webster’s online dictionary begged to differ on that point.

Goldman, who made his name as the attorney presenting the Democrats’ case against former President Donald Trump during his first impeachment, was responding to the furor over Trump’s recent prediction of a “bloodbath” in the automobile industry if he loses his 2024 reelection bid.



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Dem Rep. Goldman: GOP House ‘Conspiring with Russia to Interfere in Our Elections’ on Behalf of Trump

Representative Dan Goldman (D-NY) said Wednesday on CNN’s “The Lead” that Republican lawmakers are pushing “bogus debunked” narratives about President Joe Biden, which he argued was essentially “conspiring with Russia to interfere in our elections on behalf of Donald Trump.”

Goldman said, “In fact, the prosecutor general in Ukraine was not prosecuting Burisma, was not prosecuting corruption. And so, his removal was bad for Burisma because the next prosecutor general came in and then did investigate Burisma.”

He added, “But what’s also notable is that what Lev Parnas said today is consistent with what the source, the FBI confidential source has been charged with, which is making false statements that were planted by Russian intelligence to interfere in our election, which is exactly the same thing that Parnas said he was doing back in 2019. And the remarkable thing is the Republicans are still talking about it. At this point, they know it is Russian disinformation designed to meddle and interfere in our elections. And if they continue pushing this bogus debunked narrative, they are conspiring with Russia to interfere in our elections on behalf of Donald Trump.”

Goldman concluded, “As we go forward any allegations by any Congress members right now that the Burisma allegations are somehow corruption is complicit with Russia today and going forward. Russia is trying to interfere fear in our election in November for Donald Trump, just like it did in 2016.”


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Former Hunter Biden Associate Tony Bobulinski Sues Rep. Dan Goldman for Defamation

The lawsuit, filed in a federal court in Washington and first reported by The Daily Caller on Friday, accuses Mr. Goldman of repeatedly lying about Mr. Bobulinski following a heated exchange at a recent congressional hearing. According to Mr. Bobulinski’s complaint, Mr. Goldman defamed the former Biden business associate in a series of posts on social media by alleging Mr. Bobulinski “has used a Trump campaign-paid lawyer to make false allegations” and that his testimony before Congress was “Russian disinformation.”

Mr. Bobulinski’s complaint says he has spent over $500,000 of his own money on legal fees and neither former President Donald Trump nor any Trump-affiliated entities “have ever paid” for any of those legal fees, contradicting Mr. Goldman’s assertion. The complaint also insists Mr. Bobulinski has not made any false allegations before Congress, as claimed by Mr. Goldman, nor have his claims originated from Russian disinformation.

The lawsuit follows through on a threat Mr. Bobulinski made last week that he would seek recourse through the courts if Mr. Goldman didn’t delete his offending social media posts and publicly retract his statements about Mr. Bobulinski. The legal filing on Friday states Mr. Goldman neither responded to, nor complied with the request for a retraction.


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The FBI has testified at Hunter Biden's trial that the laptop is the real deal, even though the Democrats, much of the media and Big Tech spent the weeks leading up to the election pushing the "Russian disinformation" spin.

From the New York Post:

For the first time Tuesday, first son Hunter Biden’s notorious “laptop from hell” — whose scandalous contents were first reported by The Post nearly four years ago — was shown to a jury of his peers, with federal prosecutors making it a key part of their case accusing the president’s child of illegally owning a gun while addicted to drugs.
The pivotal moment unfolded after prosecutor Derek Hines brought out a plastic-wrapped laptop, walked it across the courtroom and presented it to his first witness, FBI Special Agent Erika Jensen.
Jensen took the MacBook Pro 13 and verified — after looking at the serial number on the back — that it had, in fact, belonged to President Biden’s son.

None of the 51 former intelligence community officials who signed the letter calling stories about the laptop a likely Russian disinformation campaign will apologize now because the media won't ask them about it. Cable news outlets will continue interviewing people like John Brennan and James Clapper to get their "expert" insights even though they're proven liars (a job requirement at some media outlets).

We can count on congressional Democrats to be even more shameless. Dem Rep. Dan Goldman is taking the approach of pretending the original narrative still holds water. Shameless, but not unexpected:



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Just like our own resident DemonRat, they never admit to the lie even when you hold the evidence up to their noses and show them for the bull$hitters they are.

Ya gotta admire their wholesale commitment to the **** and bull stories they tell.


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Imagine if all politicians had to have a small device
implanted in their heads that did this when they lied.