Dan Snyder is selling his Potomac home for a record-breaking $49 Million

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WASHINGTON - Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder is selling his estate in Potomac, MD, for $49 million.

If it sells for the asking price or more, it would be the most expensive home sale in DMV history.

The current record for the most expensive home sale was set by Dan Snyder in 2021 for the purchase of his estate in Alexandria for $48 million.
His Potomac estate, known as the River House, includes five bedrooms and 13.5 bathrooms. It also features luxury amenities such as a gym, spa, library, wine cellar and theater.



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I remember when danny boy wanted to cut down a bunch of trees, so he'd have a view of the river. NPS told him he couldn't do that. That's he'd be fined. So what did he do? He cut down the trees and paid the fine. They should have confiscated the property. That would have taught him a lesson.