Darn buzzards


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You have a family of black headed vultures...babies look like a big ball of white fuzz...a few weeks after birth...
They are protected by several federal laws so be kind...
They eat only dead stuff....thus the bald head...they can sense the gas given off of dead animals...and all come in to eat..ie; road kill...all those hit by car critters...

(We..Calvert County Animal Control and I, did rescue a juvenile vulture that got into a kitchen and tried to make off with the roast of beef the homeowner set out to cool...no kidding..have the pics to prove it!! hahah..)

Babies imprint very easily on people..be very careful not to interact with hatchlings!
Parents eat food and bring it back up for babies to eat.
Vultures will not eat your cats...but might steal the dead mice they caught...
Dead is dead and it is all yummy to a vulture.

Vultures, along with opossums and a few other birds and animals, keep the world clean of dead, rotting animals.

Enjoy from a distance, get your videos and photos and watch nature do what she does best!

Congratulations on your new vulture family! :buddies:
Now we know what to do with your roast! @SailorGirl :roflmao: