Deputy Director of St. Mary’s County LUGM Charged with Felony Assault and Gun Charge


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Show how much you know. I'm very flexible and open minded about this sort of thing. minded anyways.
Well I was trying to let you down easy, I don't think you're her type. Though I personally would like to console her myself.


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Haven’t you guys learned anything??? Jussi, half of Hollywood, no85%, any newscaster on WJLA, are “in the family” , thus untouchable! This clearly is a Trump gun related incident and why we should let the United Nations disarm us all!!!!


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It was a poorly written article IMO.
Most of these "stories" are lifted verbatim from Police press releases and/or blotters. Most of the news race in So. Md. is to see who can repost the press release the fastest.
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