Designer dogs sure are getting expensive


R.I.P. My Brother Rick
Neighbor sued Anthony, dog was a pedigreed standard poodle, but treated as a foo-foo dog by the owner.
I guess its regular dog instincts kicked in at the wrong time.

Several of the neighbors went to court to testify on Louis' behalf. He never left his own domain, Anthony had 5 acres. Cat did not even cross the line onto the sidewalk when the front gate was open.

Judge said it was obvious they dog was the trespasser and that the cat was defending its home, case dismissed with prejudice, complainant ordered to pay all court costs and legal fees.
That'll teach 'em!

I carved a foo-foo dog with an 'X' through it on the side of Louis' cat bed.:lol:


R.I.P. My Brother Rick
No need to do that. I didn't even get the joke :killingme
Kind of the old Beavis and Butthead thing where anything that even remotely rhymes with a part of the female anatomy is fodder for laughter. Like "nips".:duh:

Forgive me Lord, and mitzi,
and bless the pygmies down in New Guinea.🙏