St. Mary's Co. DFC Alvey Named School Resource Officer of the Year

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Superintendent of Schools J. Scott Smith, DFC Artina Alvey and Principal Glenna Edwards​

The St. Mary's County Board of Education recognized the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office School Resource Officers and school security staff at its Wednesday meeting for their work to keep the learning environment for students safe and secure throughout the year.

Deputy First Class Artina Alvey, the School Resource Officer for Margaret Brent Middle School, was named as the School Resource Officer of the Year for the 2022-2023 school year.

"Deputy Alvey has been an exemplary employee, a trusted colleague and an advocate for our students and their families," said F. Michael Wyant, Chief of Safety and Security for St. Mary's County Public Schools, reading from Margaret Brent Middle School's nomination.

"She helps to de-escalate students with her calm and professional manner," the nomination stated. "She's an integral and trusted part of the school community, providing mentorship as well as a sense of safety."

Superintendent of Schools J. Scott Smith told the School Resource Officers and Department of Safety and Security staff, "Thank you very much for all you do every single day to make sure that we can get on with the business of educating children because we know they are safe within our schools."

Superintendent Smith, Cpl. Jaime Davis and Assistant Principal James Copsey​
Superintendent Smith, Cpl. Shaun Carberry and Principal Deborah Dennie​
Superintendent Smith, DFC Robert Chase and Principal Consalvo​

School Resource Officers and Department of Safety and Security staff​

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