Does anyone care that the Iranian president is dead?


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I don't think even the Iranians care, since their President doesn't really hold the power.

When Medvedev was President of Russia, everyone knew Putin was in charge. Same thing.
Ali Khameini is Supreme Leader of Iran - everyone else is window dressing.


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They initially reported it as a "hard landing". Apparently it was very hard or in layman's terms a crash.


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Only how this creates a power vacuum
I don't see how there is any sort of a "power vacuum". If Biden died, would there be a power vacuum? No, we would have a few months of Harris while we wait for an election. Guess what? They Iran also has a VP, and they also have an election only a couple months away. And in either case, the actual supreme leader is still the supreme leader. Therefore no power vacuum, and only a mild inconvenience for the supreme leader that the current president is no longer in the running to be his successor. Literally a nothing-burger with cheese.