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I would have welcomed some after hours time with Miss Caravella.

Might have bumped my math grades up to an A+.

In my high school one of the Home Economics Teachers was a late 20's tall slender brunette

Ms Lawton .. was voted the best looking Teacher by the Class of 1984

can you imagine such sexist nonsense today


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Middle School Girls FILE LAWSUIT After BANNED For Protesting Trans Athlete Competing Against Them!​



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Chicago teachers union unveils $50bn demands including lower standards, $95k salaries and letting schools enact 'trauma' closures: Hypocrite leader educates son privately

  • The union wants to fund migrant housing and have abortions covered 100%
  • Undefined traumatic events could send Chicago students back to Zoom school
  • The contract also demands that $5 million is allocated to 'workload reduction'

The Chicago Teachers Union's contract is set to expire in June which will soon prompt negotiations between educators and the school board.
Union President Stacy Davis Gates said in early March that her proposed contract for 2024 to 2028 'will cost $50 billion and 3 cents.'

'And so what?' Davis Gates added. 'That’s audacity. That’s Chicago.'

The teachers union is demanding nine percent cost of living adjustments every year.

According to Indeed, the average salary of a teacher in Chicago Public Schools is $67,718. With raises every year for four years, teachers would be getting paid about $95,000 a year by 2028, which is roughly 36 percent higher than the national average.


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‘How Many Times Has The Senate Rejected Your Confirmation?’: Eric Burlison Brutally Grills Julie Su



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MIT Changes Website After Media Firestorm Over Equal Protection Project Complaint About Program Excluding White Females and All Men

On May 20, 2024, I wrote about a Civil Rights Complaint filed by the Equal Protection Project challenged a program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology called the Creative Regal Women of Knowledge, or “The CRWN”, open only to “women of color.” The full details are in the post, MIT Program Open Only To “Women of Color” Challenged By Equal Protection Project As Violating Civil Rights Laws.

As noted in that post, the Complaint received enormous local, national, and international media coverage, including at:

The Boston Globe
The Boston Herald
WCVB-TV (Boston)
The Independent (UK)
The Daily Mail (UK)
National Review
The Washington Examiner

and many more.

The media attention got to MIT, because it quietly tried to cover its tracks by adding language to the CRWN home page purporting to show that the program actually was open to everyone. The CRWN home page as it existed on May 20 is here. (That’s why we always archive and screenshot before we file a complaint.)

After the Complaint media coverage, MIT added the following statement to the CRWN home page:

“While our program is designed to support and celebrate undergraduate women of Color, participation is open to all students regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, and national origin.”

The College Fix was the first to pick up on the change:

[Graphic via The College Fix]


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Wu … Wut? Private School Parent, Gene Wu's Feud With Corey A. DeAngelis Keeps Getting Weirder

A private school parent, Gene Wu, who also sometimes doubles as a virtue-signaling duty-shirking fugitive Texas state representative, seems to really enjoy getting verbally flogged by school choice advocate, Corey A. DeAngelis.

No matter how many times DeAngelis levels Wu with facts, the public school pimping progressive always comes back for more.

This time, Genu Wu resurrected a post from DeAngelis that is so old it was called a 'tweet' when he first posted it.

Does he just troll through 4-year-old tweets from DeAngelis's timeline and decide to randomly post them with bizarre innuendo?

Seriously, this is a bit stalkerish, Gene. Have you considered stamp collecting or some other healthier hobby?

The old post pointed out that allowing education dollars to follow the child would give parents options they've always said they wanted: small, dedicated class size with a well-paid teacher they choose.

Wu's response not only belittles parents who expect more from their tax dollars than the current system delivers but is also downright creepy.

Wu makes it so easy and DeAngelis comes armed with receipts.

Wu is the poster child of the anti-school choice politician who wants to funnel every tax dollar you pay for education to public schools while sending their own kids to private schools.

Talk about privilege.