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Went on their 2nd day open for a luncheon. We had about 20 people in our party. Everyone else seemed to like the food. I'm the oddball who was not overly impressed.

I ordered a salad and it was okay. They ruined it by putting bleu cheese crumbles on it. The salad normally comes with bleu cheese dressing. I asked to change that to ranch because I literally despise bleu cheese. The cashier (we had to order and pay at the same time) giggled and said she understood. No, she did not. If she had she would have put on the ticket that I hated bleu cheese and I would not have had to dig through crumbles of it. :lol:. However, the produce in the salad was great. As far as the service, it was okay. You can tell that they are a new establishment. They gave us markers (corks and shot glasses) to alert the waiter on what we ordered. I thought the markers were a clever idea, but a tad on the tacky side. Then again, so is having to order and pay at a cash register when you walk in the door. We had a beef, chicken, or fish choice. Yet, the servers still had issues serving the food to the right people.

I will be honest. I am not crazy about the layout. They are trying to be a high-end restaurant. Their inventory room is in the middle of the restaurant. Boxes of food, wine, and canned goods are sitting out in the open. I found this rather tacky, even for a low-end restaurant.

With all of this being said, my biggest peeve is that they had an employee meeting during this luncheon. For 20 minutes we could not find a server to help us.

If you need coffee with your meal, be prepared to pay $7 for French coffee that you can see through.

Their obnoxiously huge bathroom doors need to go too. They do not have a lot of seating and they have so much wasted space with those massive bathrooms. Seems odd to me that a business would design a layout like that.

I hope they get their stuff together. Everyone else raved about their food and I'm hoping that they'll make it. I love to see local businesses thrive.
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I went last week for Happy Hour and wasn't "happy". I couldn't get service to save my soul, but I had a young lady behind the bar leaning up against a counter not doing anything staring at everybody at the bar with an attitude. They had prices on their beers ($10) and prices on some drafts ($5), but no prices on the drink menu itself. And when an individual I was with ordered a rum and coke, he was told he had to order off the drink menu or he couldn't get it. So he ordered a Cubre Libre. Seriously. Another individual was disappointed that they didn't carry Grey Goose.

Layout's exactly the same as it was before in reference to Sockgirl's post.

I just had a disappointing experience from an old Happy Hour place. Unless things change, I doubt they'll continue to get Happy Hour business as people experience things like that. Maybe that's what they want, but I would think they wouldn't want to lose any bar business. IMHO, there are plenty of places to go for Happy Hour without breaking the bank and that has more of a selection.

There are many nice eateries in St Mary's and Calvert without the false superiority complex. I have no plans nor desire to eat at Elements. I'd rather give my money to The Front Porch or Bistro Belle Maison or just about any other place.


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Has anyone been here recently?
This was my experience back in January that I posted to my yelp page:

Our group of 9 stopped in for lunch the other day. Matt our server was excellent. He was very knowledgeable about the menu & the restaurants farm to table concept. If the food would have been as good as Matt described the items this place would be on fire... however they unfortunately did not live up to his mouth watering description.
Take for instance their appetizer special of the day Korean Rice Balls. An item so popular they've decided to add it to the daily menu. Matt explained that the Korean Rice Balls are rice formed into balls then filled w/ crispy apple wood smoked bacon & local cheddar then the balls are rolled in panko bread crumbs & fried in duck fat until crispy & golden, served w/ their sirracha aioli. Sounded interesting & yummy...

What we were served was one of the worst things I've ever put in my mouth. W/ the description we imagined slicing into one of the rice balls and having bacon & ooey gooey cheese ooze out...honestly I'm not even sure if there was any cheese what so ever in the balls. If there was NONE of us saw it and we ordered 5 appetizers (total of 10 rice balls) there was probably 3 or 4 bacon bits mixed into the mush of rice. Also the panko they use at the Elements is mixed w/ minced rosemary. Which if you're familiar w/ rosemary it's a very strong herb. The rice was cooked to death. It was mushy/mealy almost the consistency of putting wet play dough in your mouth. It literally coated your tongue & mouth w/ its disgusting flavor. Ugh I'm literally fighting back barf right now writing about them.

I came to the realization that the only reason these barf balls could be so popular to add them to the daily menu has to be of Matt's description. It's hard for me to imagine that anyone could not only find these delicious but would enjoy eating essentially paste
Now on to the edible items. Between our table we ordered 4 sandwiches... 3 were the special of the day Gyro...comments were it was meh its "ok". The tzatzki sauce that it was served w/ was actually just plain sour cream so it's not really an authentic Gyro by any means.

The other sandwich was another daily special a roast beef on ciabatta w/ caramelized onions. It must have not been so good because when Matt came back to check on our dishes the comment was made "do you have anything I can dip the other half of this in to make it taste better" so yea I'm gonna assume it wasn't that great. Matt did bring some demi-glace which he said would be similar to an aujus for him to dip the sandwich in.

Someone ordered the crab cake wrap & she said it was delicious. Filled w/ lots of crab!

The rest of us ordered salads and I heard nothing but good things. I personally ordered their Cobb salad w/ salmon which was excellent. I loved all of the different vegetables that came with it. They were all crispy, fresh & delicious. The only thing negative critique I have (which is more of a preference than a negative) but normally a Cobb salad is served w/ blue cheese dressing and they only had ranch, a balsamic, & a ginger dressing. I opted for the ranch which was good but I much would've preferred to have blue cheese.

I'm giving them 2 stars because I think most of the items we ordered were unforgetable and not very good. I'd definitely like to go back and give this place another try...but I probably wouldn't order a sandwich.


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I like Elements for lunch, but then again I know what to order. I like the Cobb salad and the Cuban. They also have cucumber water. :yay: With that said, I wouldn't go out of my way to go there for dinner.


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Oh! One more thing. Their wine and liquor prices are good. I bought a bottle of Two Hands Gnarly Dude wine there for $32. Same bottle at the place behind BJ's was $45.


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The drinks there are awesome. The Cherry mule is so good! They used to have duck fat fries which were AMAZING served with this parmesean aoili which tastes like heaven..however the last time I went the fries def did not taste at all like they did before. Im willing to give them the benefit that it was an off night. The cheese sandwich and the chorizo one are delicious and the pizza is pretty tasty. My dinner companions were not fond of the soups they had, but their salads are great..you can get as dressing the parmasean dipping sauce that comes with the fries..super good. Overall we usually have a decent meal there and it isnt too terribly expensive. I think its worth it to go have a simple meal and a good drink.