Entire front unibody in one giant


Power with Control
High Pressure Die Cast (HPDC) shot

This is for the Model Ys to be produced in Belin (expect Texas, Shanghai, and Fremont to follow when able). The Model Ys coming off the line in both CA and China have had the rear done this way for months now. A slew of benefits, producing what used to be 150 parts that had to be stamped, then finished, then riveted, glued, bolted and otherwise attached to each other in one 90 second cycle of the huge press (6,000 ton clamping force required to hold the mold together, some parts of which are cooled and others heated to ensure full flow of the molten aluminum, which is injected at a silly high rate of speed, like less than a second. This process required Tesla tp develop a new and patented aluminum alloy, since existing ones wouldn't work.

For those wondering about crash repair, with unibodys, once thats compromised, its a total anyway.
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