Evaluating the Cost of Lead Hazard Control and Abatement in Baltimore City


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The damages associated with lead exposure, especially during childhood, have been well documented. Even at the lowest levels, lead exposure causes measurable neurological damage on cognitive development, especially when it occurs in early childhood. The public health benefits of reducing lead exposure are clear. The evidence also indicates that the most common cause of lead exposure today is deteriorating lead-based paint in homes.

This report, by Luke Scrivener, Ph.D., establishes benchmarks on the data points necessary to approach the goal of citywide lead hazard reduction and eradication. With these benchmarks in place, the report estimates the costs for both lead hazard control and lead abatement work to eradicate lead paint poisoning in Baltimore City. To implement these interventions at scale, the report concludes that the city will need new resources and cross-sector cooperation to tackle the urgent problem of lead paint poisoning.

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