I haven't seen Evil, but I am in love with that girl just from the tv ads. Something about her eyes.....
Which one, brown hair medium length brown eyes
This one...

jazz lady

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NOOOO not his pretty face. Is he getting involved with the psychiatrist or is he still going to pursue being priest? I'm a little behind.
After dealing with this crazy bitch, maybe not. :lol: Face is okay, but being whacked in the head then tumbling down a flight of stairs is a little rough on the body. :yikes:


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I was at the dump today and thought about you which I know sounds kinds of strange BUT I was putting a vacuum in the electronics thing and there was two VHS players and I thought this would be great in sgIslanders little electronic shop of horrors. I wasn't sure if I could take them though. Would you like me to see if they're still there tomorrow?
Oh please no. There are some things just not worth the effort unless someone REALLY wants something fixed. And my shop is not that big. It's full of custom lamp jobs at the moment.