expiration dates


I got this marinade in a bottle this past saturday for some steaks I planned on grilling up tonight.... well... after dumping the bottle on the steaks I decided to read the bottle for ingredients and realized I bought expired marinade!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a bit freaky about stuff like that, so do you think it's safe to still eat it?


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What kind of marinade is it and when was the expiration date?
It's A1 Chicago Style Garlic and Herb marinade and it expired Feb 8th.....


Don't know if this is true or not, but our health teacher told us it doesn't neccessarily mean it will go bad on or around that certain date, but it is more or less covering them from lawsuits and product returns.


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Something like marinade that has a high vinegar content doesn't really go "bad"

Did the date say "best if used by.." It has more to do with the flavor than being dangerous. Spices lose their quality over time.


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Anyone notice that bottled water has an expiration date? Wonder if the hydrogen and oxygen atoms begin to separate after that date. :lol: