I have this one ex. I have moved this stuff so many time. I have kept his stuff in storage. I have done nothing but be nice to him. Well last month he got me on a bad day and I snapped at him. I have never said anything mean to him a day that we have known each other. Well know he is acting all mean and cranky. He is finally coming and getting the rest of his stuff. He asked me about this trumpet case. I don't remember where it is. It is probably at my father's house but who knows. Should I bend over backward and look for that trumpet case or say "tough". BTW He owes me a good amount of cash and I know I will never see that.
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I don't think I should answer. My mom always told me if I didn't have anything nice to say not to say anything at all. But I will anyway. This buttface is apparently your ex for a reason. Why be so nice to him? I don't get it. Sure I have ex's that I'm friends with but bend over backwards for them. :barf: Tell him he'll get it when you have time to give it to him. You were doing him a favor to begin with. I HATE ungreatful people.


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What they said! If you want to be nice about it, just say "When I get a free moment, I'll look for it". Then forget about it.


He would have told me to stuff and probably havce thrown the stuff out. I am just to nice and a doormat to him. I htink he is mad because I fianlly told him enough.


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Originally posted by Katie
I have moved this stuff so many time. I have kept his stuff in storage.

BTW He owes me a good amount of cash and I know I will never see that.
He owes you cash? Does that include your cost of moving and storing his stuff?

Like Yakky said, hold his stuff hostage and if and when he pays you, then he can have the rest of it back.

But then again, you might be able to sell the trumpet for something.


I'll be honest.... I'd find the case and be rid of the jerk! Who needs some long drawn out continuing drama?


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I'd find a pawn shop and try to recover my $$$. When he comes to get the rest of his stuff hand him the receipts and tell him you put it in storage. If he really wants the stuff he can go get it.


Originally posted by yakky doodle
tell him: "i'll trade you the trumpet case for the $___ that you owe me butthead!" :biggrin:

I'd say the same thing!

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hmm. come to think of it, i'd do some research on this trumpet case. is it of some monetary value? perhaps consulting with the ebay experts on here would be of some benefit in recouping your lost money.

do you have "U-Haul" tatooed on your forehead? There is such a thing as 'abandonment' and that sounds like what he did with his stuff. If he has a car, and you've made it available ... screw him! If you itemize, I'd go a step further and donate his belongings (except this trumpet case -- save that for ebay) to goodwill and take the write-off! Then, tell him he can pick up all his belongings Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the thrift store on XYZ road. :biggrin:


I decided I am not even going to look for the trumpet up at my dad's. I have m oved SO much that is probably lost forever in the moving blackhole. He can stuff it up his rear. I have SO learned me lesson about lending boyfriends money becasue the bad ones will with no problem take the money and not care.