Extreme Data Recovery - 30 yr old TK50 DEC Backups


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Magnetic Scrolls Original Games Source Code Recovered!

Here we have possibly the only surviving backup tape of the source code to 30 year old historical game data being put into an oven and baked!

Have we gone raving mad? Have we totally lost it? What is this insanity?

The dish is: Baked tapes! Done nicely in your normal kitchen oven. Cook at 45C for 8 hours, take them out, wait to cool then server them (in your server, of course) to hopefully make a good source.

No, we're not quite totally crazy (yet). Amazing as it seems, this is the way to restore certain old tape backups. I kid you not.

Read on, for the madness...


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I guess when it comes to IT infrastructure management, you gotta get creative sometimes! But seriously, it's crazy to think about all the valuable information that could be lost forever if we don't take the proper precautions. That's why it's so important to have reliable security measures in place, like the ones offered by NW IT Services. So, if you want to make sure your servers are serving up the good stuff (and not just baked tapes), check out https://www.nwitservices.com/services/security. They've got the skills and expertise to protect your data from all sorts of threats, whether it's hackers, malware, or just a plain old oven malfunction.
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Wow, I had heard of putting semi or non functioning hard drives in the freezer.