Facebook removes 'Storm Area 51' event page

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If you go to Matty Roberts FB page, you can see that now they're trying to organize a "Storm Facebook HQ" event (you'll have to scroll down a little). Then, there are other "storm" events here . Ya' gotta' read the comments on Matty's page. These people are dangerously delusional, and it looks like they still plan to do this, even though the event has been removed from FB. It's crap like this that's going to cause all hell to break loose, a bunch of basement dwelling, man bun wearing mama's boys storming a military installation.

The only post in that thread that seems to have a degree of sanity is the guy who says "Mark Zuckerberg is one of the alien experiments from area 51".

From that conversation: Here's the stream for everyone who can't go to the raid. Feel free to use the footage captured for memes and sh*tposting (Subscribe if you want to stay updated. YouTube's finicky and I might need to reboot the listing.)

Apparently, FB also removed "storm the Federal Reserve". I hadn't heard there was such an event. I guess it wasn't important enough to make the news.

Somebody else started a petition on change.org to bring back the "storm area 51". https://www.change.org/p/facebook-bring-back-the-storm-area-51-event-mark-zuckerberg-and-stop-deleting-things-like-this?utm_content=bandit-starter_cl_share_content_en-us:v4&recruited_by_id=69410350-b62e-11e9-a7dd-1b81397a6905&recruiter=989490339&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition&utm_term=Search>SAP>US>Brand>Proper>Exact

I think this is the re-post of the event that was removed:
In reality, they'll probably just all gather and party, kinda' like burning man, I guess... https://www.stormarea51.us/?fbclid=IwAR3kBFOox_u49-CoHq6IeHNh5Ul1CyC73UcZxqFLJiLrQWWHPD5SmN16rLA


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That "event" should have never been on FB in the first place. About ****ing time they removed it.


Just being a fly in the ointment...
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Todays the day! Any predictions on the outcome?

Arrival Numbers ==

Arrest Numbers ==

Projectile Impact Numbers ==



Just being a fly in the ointment...
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Couple of looky-loos staring at the gate guards with guns having 2nd thoughts about it all...
That's where I'm hoping for someone to act as a provocateur and goad them!

New just now showed "the storming". :lol: Maybe 2 dozen people made a dash towards the gate, obviously just for the camera, and stopped 50 feet short of the gate.

Looked like they were having a good time, tho. :lol: