Farmers market white supremacy!!!


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Bloomington’s farmers market is all in an uproar because it’s rumored that a farming family, schooner lake, is a white supremacy farm!!! Should they be banned???!!! Let’s all panic and riot!!! It’s a rumor, ergo must be true!!! Run for your lives and carrots!!!!


Just being a fly in the ointment...
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Yeah. Read about this one.

It'll eventually come to light which leftist shitbag wasn't content to just sell their Organic, Heritage, Gluten-Free, Free Range Tomatoes. They chose to smear their competition.


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It is my fervent hope that the end result of this attack on this family turns out like the boycott of Chick-fil-et.

It's time white people started fighting these slanderous and vicious attacks on white people.
It is way past the point that any time a white person disagrees with political correctness, or some POC feel like making a charge of racism it is accepted as fact.
Even if it is fact if a person believes that whites are supreme and haven't harmed anyone or joined any black hate organizations, is that any worse than blacks who join the NAACP, Black Panthers, or the Congressional Black caucus which are all racist organizations.


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Govt wont let me look, so they must be okay, since you can be sure Trumps required the Fed to allow open acceess.


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Casting what these goofs may think are aspersions of white supremacy, are actually confessions of their own feelings of inferiority. No matter what their skin color!


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IMO any person that votes for any democrat in this coming election is casting a vote against the white race/.
Now call me anything you like, but how can we live together and free from racial prejudices while we are being attacked daily and called racist, white supremacists, white nationalists , nazis fascists, and other slurs.While they are attacking the President of the United States with these same slurs.

And calling US divisive.