faxing from the web

is there any way to fax online using dsl... i have the usual phone tools and word-capability for using a fax modem, but i have dsl... any good ideas

Ken King

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I don't have cable or DSL but doing a little checking it seems it can be done.  Try the following site to see if they can help you.    http://www.savetz.com/fax/


www.efax.com, www.equifax.com, or any "dot fax" company offers FREE faxing direct to and from your desktop.  Some want money for the services, others offer it for free if you elect to receiving spam.  I personally use efax.com, they use spam, so I setup a free Hotmail account just for the fax service.  They spam it to death but I don't care, I never read the mail in that account so my personal email account never gets spam.